Basic specification of GAME BASIC for SEGASATURN

Chapter1 function reference
1.1 general instruction
1.2 file instruction
1.3 file function
1.4 BG/text/video system instruction
1.5 BG/text/video system function
1.6 sprite/3D system instruction
1.7 OBJ instruction/function
3D 1.8 sprite/function

Chapter2 sound reference
Spec of 2.1 sound system
2.2 glossarial theory
2.3 sound memory map
Block composition of 2.4 sound system
Instruction related to 2.5 sounds
2.6 Details of MML
Details of 2.7 repetition structure
Details of 2.8 tone data

Error message code table
BASIC file (sample program) list
Character code table
3D geometric transformation chart and image chart