11/11/2007 SegaXtreme - Saturn Game Basic Tools
You need tools to develop for the Saturn Game Basic, here they are

Saturn Game Basic Compiler

  •  Game Basic Compiler : The Compiler. Comes from Madrom's Tech CD New
    Runs on Saturn.
    Tools to build CD included
    Basic filesmust be put in BAS4SS folder
    .B file loader included
Game Basic Graphic Tools

Game Basic Other Tools

  •  BGMTerm : It is a test program that reproduces BGM on Saturn from PC
  •  RME Converter ver. 1.10 : Data for the character BG side of GAME BASIC for SEGASATURN is made by using the map editor
  •  X2SS : Software that transfers .b , .d, .1, .0 files from MS-DOS
  •  SPUT : Software that transfers .b files from MS-DOS
  •  B2BAS : .B to .BAS Converter (adds line number)
  •  Lblcut : This tool converts the label used in GAME-BASIC source into the line - number
  •  rmrem (Ver.0.99) : The comments are removed from the source of BASIC
  •  Saturn Benchmark : Do the same test by PC and SATURN