March 20th - June 1st

We will be holding a Saturn Coding Contest at SegaXtreme. It will be a free-for-all contest. All entries will be compared judging from what type they are. (A simple pong-clone might very well win over an advanced FPS-engine if it shows much more visual polish, better gameplay, etc...).

* It must work on real Hardware.
* Only one entry per person.
* Follow the normal rules of the SX Messageboard, I.e. no iso request, etc...
* The winner will be decided by voting, but extra points will be added for special things, like GameShark / PAR support.
* The first price will be Metal Slug for Saturn! The second and third prizes are not yet decided!
* The source code must be included. Comments is a plus.
* Two or more people helping each other with a project is ok.

* Author: Slinga.
* Title: Save Game Copier.
* Type: Utility.
* Description: A program that allows a user to
burn save game files to cd, and then allows the
user to select which ones they want to copy to
memory. Not a very hard project, but I'll put a
lot of polish on and make it useful.
* Download Here

* Author: Vreuzon.
* Title: Le sPin.
* Type: Multiplayer.
* Description: [NOT YET DECIDED]
* Download Here

* Author: The Rockin'-B.
* Title: Rockin'-B's MineSweeper for SEGA SATURN.
Type: Puzzle.
* Description: I Think Everyone Knows Mine
Sweeper. It's finished!

- stop watch timer.
- Highscore ranking.
- 2 player support.
- maybe some cool graphics and sounds.
* Download Here

* Author: El Piratero
* Title: El Tekolote Demo
* Type: Shooter.
* Description: Shoot Your Way Out of Zombies
flying with Parachutes!.
* Download Here

* Author: VBT
* Title: Different Entries
* Type: Many
* Description: Picture Viewer, Sms Plus, MasterGear and FCE Ultra.
* Download Here

* Author: Reinhart
* Title: Sonic Steals A Ring.
* Type: Demo.
* Description: A Nice Animation done by Reinhart!
* Download Here

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